Saturday, April 30, 2011

OFW Tips: How to Make Your Travel Vacation Safe and Enjoyable

"Ang bakasyon na yata ang pinakamaligayang araw ng isang OFW pagkatapos ng dalawang taong pagtratrabaho at sa wakas makikita na niya ang kanyang pamilya".

Vacation from work after two years is considered as the happiest moments of every OFW, especially if you have saved a handsome amount of money to bring home to your family.

Maybe a week or days before the flight, you can no longer sleep because of over excitement. You're imagining the reaction of the faces of kids and wife when they see you and the gifts that you have promised to each one of them once you arrived.

However, not everyone is happy and over excited as you are. These are the people who have saved less or due to unexpected circumstances were not able to save even a little.

So, it's really hard. In fact, if you're one of them, you have this second thought of delaying the vacation for this sole reason. It freaks you out to think that you weren't able to buy them special gifts as you promised. And every time you look at what you're going to bring home, you feel very upset.

But because of… you know, the longing and probably the stress and frustration, you pursue the vacation this is despite of the odds. It's really sad. Anyway whatever your reasons are, the important thing here is you'll be seeing your family.

Ready to go?

Following some basic tips will help ensure you have the best time when you travel. Being prepared for things to go wrong is the first step in minimizing the damages and getting on with your travel plans. 

  1.  Put all travel documents in specific place. Make sure you have all of your passport, exit and entry visa, tickets and confirmation numbers in a specific place. It is a good idea to make a copy of the information as well as the contact number for your tickets and place it in another location. This way if you lose the originals you will have all the necessary information to take care of it. 
  2. Have plenty of money, food, drinks, and necessities. It is common for flights, to get delayed due to security issues, weather, and trying to meet the needs of the volumes of people. Make sure you have plenty of money, food, drinks, and necessities to get you through these delays. They can range from couple of hours to a few days. If you will be traveling a long distance you should consider bringing along activities to pass the time, especially if you are traveling with children. 
  3. Clearly labeled medical prescription. If you take prescription medications you need to make sure you have them clearly labeled. You may get questioned about them if they aren’t in the bottle you picked them up at from the pharmacy. It is a good idea to have a written note from your doctor regarding the medication as well. Makes sure you have enough of it for the entire trip including any delays that may occur. 
  4.  Clearly identify your luggage. Lost luggage is one of the biggest problems when people travel. Clearly identify your luggage so that you will be sure to get yours upon reaching your destination. Too many bags look the same and many people are in a hurry when they travel for the holidays. Place a colorful ribbon or colored tape on your bags if you carry the styles and colors that are very popular.
Traveling during the vacation needs to be as smooth as possible to ensure you will enjoy your trip. By taking the time to follow these tips you can help make that happen.

Lastly a friend of mine shares a story of a family who suffered a serious problem from the airport immigration due to expired travelling document. The couple was charge a huge amount of money because of this violation. A simple problem that could have been prevented if they just ask few reliable people to translate the dates on the document.

To prevent this, have your travel documents double check by responsible people before anything else.

P.S. tip, if you're bound to domestic flight, don't take a taxi cab, you'll charge a big amount. There are available vans from the airport that will take you directly to domestic flights safe with only 20 pesos.

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